RB Todd Gurley’s knee.Something wasn’t right abou

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Throughout the season Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Stitched , a Los Angeles Rams fans were left in the dark regardingt Gurley for most of the season having injured his knee in Week 1 (a fact Gurley and the Rams didn’t disclose until after Christmas ahead of the final regular season game), but judging from the injury reports, especially in the playoffs, Rams fans had no reasons to be suspicious. If you truly trusted the public comments from the Rams, you had to do mental backflips to figure out how a healthy RB like Gurley could get only ten touches in the Super Bowl.Whatever reasoning you can come up with is more comforting than my explanation: the Rams are just lying to their fans.And maybe that’s not a big deal. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Gurley’s knee was an issue and that’s why he wasn’t a focal point in the postseason — the idea that the Rams lied and kept him off the injury report is less about the fans and any sort of betrayal and more about strategy. The New England Patriots pull stuff like that all the time. And the Rams don’t have to be trustworthy; they just have to be great at football. Transparency is nice to have for governments and marriages, but it’s not integral for sports franchises and their fanbases. When it comes to being honest about a player’s health, many teams operate with sports betting as a bigger factor than the disappointment of their team’s fans.Now, the Rams were forthcoming about their scheme to split carries with RB C.J. Anderson, but that still felt like a cover for my belief that they were hiding that Gurley’s knee is a train wreck. Man Bobby Evans Jersey nfl draft , I hope I’m wrong.Now, I don’t want to say that trust doesn’t have any value in the relationship between a fan and their team. The Rams are making all sorts of important decisions about the team this offseason and the responsibility for those doesn’t rest with the fans — but fans do need to have faith in the front office.Take the extremely important subject of uniforms. Fans lobbied, and ultimately successfully,to wear the throwbacks until a new uniform design goes into effect in 2020 when the Rams move into the new stadium in Inglewood. Many die-hard fans are under the impression that come 2020, the colors will be permanently changed to blue and yellow. COO Kevin Demoff has indicated that the Rams are most likely going in that direction. However, before you get that blue and yellow tattoo, ask Rams fans in St. Louis if they still trust Kevin Demoff. The hard truth of it all is that the Rams have restarted a relationship with Los Angeles after a long break. The Rams have one of the smaller fan bases in the NFL, but it’s growing with every win. So while the city of LA hasn’t promoted the Rams into the cultural tier of the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Dodgers, things are moving in the right direction. While a recent slight from the LA Times reflects the lack of respect for the Rams’ place in LA, the paper was quick to respond to fans’ outrage over the headline which at least shows that Rams fans do have pull.So while some dishonesty from the team isn’t exactly a draw for potential fans, you know what is a bigger draw? Winning a Super Bowl next year.If the Rams want to truly matter in the LA sports landscape Bobby Evans black jersey , the stakes revolve around wins moreso than being fully honest with fans.Even if it stings. Von Miller has done the math and believes he has the solution.He's gone three weeks without a sack and the Denver Broncos have gone three games without a win."To win," Miller said Thursday, "I've got to get sacks."Although he's being chipped or double-teamed on most plays and quarterbacks are getting their passes off lickety-split, Miller acknowledged he hasn't beaten tackles 1-on-1 much, either."I've had opportunities to rush the passer, I just haven't been able to get home," Miller said. "It doesn't matter if it's one rep to get there or two reps. That could be two sacks or forced fumbles that I'm not taking advantage of."So, Miller said, beginning Sunday when the Broncos (2-3) host the Los Angeles Rams (5-0), he's taking it upon himself to stop both quarterback Jared Goff and Denver's skid."I've just got to run over my guy, run straight through him Bobby Evans Jersey Mens , put him on his back and just get a sack," Miller said.And Miller offered that he hasn't been playing the run all that great, either, accepting the blame for Denver's myriad woes, including allowing an eye-popping 323 yards rushing to the Jets last week."I can fix that," Miller said. "I like living in a world where it's me and the problem is me and the quickest way to fix it is me."Miller insisted he's not shouldering too much of the blame or burden, either, for the Broncos, who have slipped to 7-14 under head coach Vance Joseph ."Too much what? I've got to get sacks. That's what I do. I've got to get sacks," Miller said. "I've gotten 87陆 of them. I've played games where I got a lot of sacks and I've played games where I didn't get any sacks. I'm going to have a little bit of both going forward."It's just the phase that I'm in right now, and I've been here before. I've gotten out of it before."Miller was held without a sack for the final month of the 2016 season Greg Gaines Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , which cost him in a one-vote loss to Khalil Mack for NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors a year after he was the MVP of Super Bowl 50.Miller also went without a sack in the opener last season, extending his sackless streak to a career-long five games before he corralled Dallas' Dak Prescott twice in Week 2.Getting back on the sack track is "No. 1 on my list," Miller insisted. "It's the only thing I have to do on the football field. It's something that I'm pointing the finger at myself and I'll be able to get it fixed. I've just got to get it turned around quick."Miller isn't alone in his misery.The Broncos have managed just five sacks since dumping Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson a half dozen times in the opener last month, three of them by Miller.Denver boasts an abundance of edge rushers featuring three first-round draft picks in Miller, Shane Ray and rookie Bradley Chubb.It's a defense that's set up for "getting sacks and getting pressures," Miller said."That's how I want it to be. I don't want to be in a defense where we're playing zone all day and it's about the corners. I want the defense to be about us, and it is," Miller said. "I just haven't been doing my job how I'm supposed to do it. And I'm on it. I'm going to get it fixed."At age 29 and in his eighth NFL season, "I'm in my prime," Miller noted. "I want to take advantage of all the games and all of the opportunities that are out there for me."

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